10 Affordable Ways to Make Your Home Safer and Healthier

AskDrSkip-logoHere is a brief summary on how to keep your home safe and healthy:

  1. Get house dust under control.
  2. Kick nicotine addiction to remove the chemicals from your house.
  3. Get your home tested for lead / radon. A lab test of a paint chip runs from $20 to $50 per sample at many local health departments. Get your home tested for radon. You can buy a $20 home radon test kit at most hardware and home stores.
  4. Ditch conventional pesticides and use companies like EcoSmart for safe pest control.
  5. Be careful with plastic bottles and canned foods as they carry toxins.
  6. Filter your tap water.
  7. Replace your Teflon with ceramic safe cooking pots and pans as you can afford to replace them.
  8. Wash your hands. I know you are saying ‘duh’, but it truly is worth the mention.
  9. Use non-toxic cleaning products.
  10. Eat organic, eat healthy.

Attention Community Wellness Members: we will be happy to help you with a home consultation to assist you in making your home happy, healthy and safe for you and your cherished loved ones.

Live Well; Be Well,

Dr. Skip

Source: I ran across this great article from WebMD by that is worth the read and the bullet list above is accredited to her. (hyperlinks provided for the source and the author).